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eCIG in America!
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America loves the V2 ecig!  The V2 ecig electronic cigarette is comprised of two primary components, the Flavor Cartridge and the battery.  V2 ecig Flavor Cartridges are filled with proprietary e-liquid; a solution of propylene glycol, water, flavorings and nicotine or non-nicotine, in your selected flavor and strength.  V2 ecig cartridges contain built in atomizers, so there is no cleaning or maintenance required.  Want more information on V2 E-Liquid? We are the only e-cigarette company who tests and publishes the results of each batch online to ensure you receive the highest quality product. Every V2 Flavor Cartridge is filled with enough quality e-liquid to produce between 150 - 220 puffs (dependent upon deepness of puffs).  You'll know when to throw away a cartridge when the vapor becomes weak and has a burnt taste. Cartridges are disposable and can be discarded at this time. Just screw off the old cartridge and screw on a fresh one—it's that simple! We recommend giving V2 ecigs a try!  They are a top quality ecig backed by years of experience and support! Click the above image or button link to view the entire V2 ecig electronic cigarette selection.
WARNING: YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO BUY OR USE ECIG PRODUCTS. While there is a zero-nicotine cartridge option for V2 ecigs, other V2 ecig cartridge options contain nicotine, a highly addictive substance derived from the tobacco plant. They are not intended for use by women who are pregnant or breast feeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medicine for depression or asthma. If you are allergic to nicotine, or any combination of inhalants consult your physician before using an ecig.  ECIGS ARE NOT AN FDA APPROVED SMOKING CESSATION PRODUCT.  Regarding where you can use this product, the consumer is responsible for ensuring that his/her use complies with the rules and regulations of all governing bodies or other entities having jurisdiction.   In most cases you are able to enjoy your ecig in places where traditional tobacco smoking is prohibited.  Always check first!
The V2 Pro Series 3 Kit offers unrivaled performance at an incredible value. This breakthrough in vaporizing technology provides 3-in-1 capabilities at a price point far below anything else on the market. Optimized for e-liquids, Series 3 delivers the cartridge capacity and battery life of a much larger device, in a lightweight, portable design. To start enjoying the V2 PRO Series 3, remove all components from their packaging and attach the included USB charger to your device. Plug the cord into a compatible USB port until the device is fully charged. For faster charging time, connect your USB cord to the V2 Wall Adapter (sold separately). Select a cartridge and fill with your desired medium. Once the V2 Pro Series 3 vaporizer is charged, drop the cartridge into the recessed cartridge chamber and activate your device. Your Series 3 Kit includes one vaporizer, one magnetic USB charger and one e-liquid cartridge. Customize your device in one of three modern colors: Black, Steel or Blue. Compatible loose leaf and essential oil cartridges are available for purchase separately. Get instant savings when you bundle additional cartridges and accessories with your kit purchase!

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The V2 PRO Revolution

V2 Pro Series 3 is a groundbreaking line of vaporizers that is raising the bar for the entire vaporizer category.  All-purpose devices capable of vaporizing three types of ingredients, V2 Pro delivers options and performance at a value unmatched by any other system on the market. •  Cartridges and charging cord secure magnetically. •  Single-body construction reduces risk of breaks     and leaks making it very durable. •  Exterior is sleek and stylish. •  A great fit for beginning or experienced consumers.
The ecig successfully simulates the conventional cigarette smoking experience. Whether you are a chain smoker, the average Joe or someone trying to cut down on regular tobacco smoking, usage of an ecig offers the desired benefits to all. Garnering an ever increasing awareness, the majority of people are already familiar with the health risks of smoking a single cigarette on the human body. Having been portrayed in such a negative light, smokers across the world are legally required to confine to smoking rooms or outdoors in order to smoke a cigarette. However, ecigs are widely accepted and can normally be enjoyed in places where smoking tobacco is not permitted. If you are ready to stop smoking tobacco and start saving money, click HERE to visit the V2 cigs website.  They have a complete selection of cigarette size ecigs, starter kits, and the new V2 PRO Series 3 Vaporizers which can handle regular e-liquids, tobacco leaf and essential oils all in one!
Click here to visit the V2 ecig website Click here to visit the V2 ecig electronic cigarette website
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